Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips
Halloween Safety Tips

There are still neighborhoods and areas that have giggling happy Trick-or-Treaters show up at their doors. However, in many areas like my own, things have changed and you seldom if ever see children walking the neighborhood hoping to gather sweet treats.
If you do still get a few of those tricky visitors though, be sure to keep your bird safely away from open doors, scary costumes, and boisterous children (and sometimes even adults).
Since times have changed for many of us though, I thought a post about how to keep your bird safe at Halloween might be more along the lines of keeping the sweets from becoming birdie treats.
Sometimes I hear comments that chocolate must not be really toxic to birds because their bird ate a chocolate chip cookie, or some other chocolate treat and was fine.
I cringe when I hear these comments as yes, chocolate really IS toxic. However not all chocolate is equal. The dark cocoa found in Dark Chocolate Squares, Bittersweet, and Baker's chocolates are the most toxic and many people do not realize they contain also caffeine which is also bad for your bird.
Chocolate in any form should not be fed to birds. Yes, Bittersweet, Baker's and Dark Chocolates are more toxic than Milk Chocolate, but are you willing to take the chance that your bird has no problem?
It's not just chocolate treats either. Those yummy sugary candies are no-nos too. One candy corn may be a great sugar treat for a child, but that's a whole lot of sugar for a bird, especially a small one.

So keep the people treats for the people, and if you want your bird to share in the Halloween fun, pick up a few birdie treats, or even better, bake up some healthy bird treats of your own.


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