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Gossip Blogger Joel Williams Condemns Onye Eze’s Actions for Arresting Blogger Blessing CEO over Property Scandal

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Following the video trending on Instagram yesterday after the Breakup or Makeup boss “Blessing Okoro” a.k.a “Blessing CEO was allegedly arrested over property scandal by the Nigeria Police, most of the Nigerians criticized her actions for taking pictures with properties that do not belong to her and claiming them to be hers while others felt pity for her.

However, the controversial gossip blogger “Joel Williams” Founder of NightwatchNG made a post on social media this morning condemning the actions of the real owner of the property Blessing CEO claims was hers on Instagram whose name is Onye Eze China.

Mr. Onye Eze China is a billionaire who is the rightful owner of the house that Blessing Okoro claimed to be hers on Instagram. However, Williams denotes that this isn’t the first or the last time Instagram celebrities will claim properties that do not belong to them and therefore should not have been handcuff in the first place.

According to him,

“Arresting Relationship Blogger., Okoro Blessing is so so wrong!!! On what grounds should she be arrested?? She didn’t steal your house Mr. Oyeze neither did she try to sell your House…so what right did you have to handcuff simply because she stood in front of your house and took a picture claiming it hers??? Huh?”

He further added that “A lot of people do it, there are people that take photos in hotel rooms, cabs, toilets in shopping mall claiming it’s theirs, people who are attacking Mrs. Blessing are probably the ones that wished she went begging to her abusive husband…”

Look at people that have stood in front of another person’s gate to take pictures, stood in front someone’s building to take pictures, guys using their friend’s clothes and shoes to take pictures claiming it’s theirs why have they not been Arrested???


What about you people (especially the ladies) that borrow petty things to complete your outfits?? Huh?? Why haven’t you reported yourself to the higher authorities???

What about the guys that use their friends’ sunshades, clothes, Wrist watch, palms it handbags to take pictures?? You all pointing fingers at her like you have not in one point of your life claimed to be something you are not should SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

As for you Mr Oyeze China or whatever you call your self…take your house and leave Okoro blessing alone…we all know social media is fake something’s so why objectify her, because she is a Woman…

I don’t see any Shame in what she did but laughter…I can only laugh!! I wonder why people are so pained? Like… Hey you …yes you… You know you have ones pretended to be something you are not or once pretended to own something you didn’t own…so Peace off!!!!!!!!

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