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Rexx Life Raj just teamed up with one of the hottest producers in the game right now, Kenny Beats. “Moonwalk” is an all-around great track.

With catchy flows, interesting vocal inflections to change the pace, and fun songwriting, Rexx Life Raj certainly does his part on this collaboration. His effort is laid on one of Kenny Beats’ more subtle works.

It’s not a knock against Kenny, the beat is still good, but Raj is the one who carries this song. With comments like “Every time I think dude can’t come up with a cleaner flow, he does it.

EVERY SINGLE TIME,” and “And this is where he blows up and acts like he don’t know nobody,” fans are clearly digging this one as well.

Perhaps inspired by the upcoming Ad Astra film, in his accompanying music video, Rexx Life Raj journeys into space to find the long lost Kenny Beats. The video is definitely worth watching along with the track.

Training for the mission, venturing into space, battling off aliens, this video has everything you’d want from an intergalactic adventure. The cinematography adds another level of fun with it’s quirky, old-school style.

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