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An ‘Isolated’ Gallant Sharpest Edges Mp3 Free Mp3 Download and Lyrics which was recently released to fans in wait for his upcoming album.

According to the superstar “Sharpest Edges” is something special, as it hears Gallant’s addictive, smooth vocals that has an impressive range.

His vocals in this new single have a smooth feel and lovely beat

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Quotable Gallant – Sharpest Edges (Lyrics)

they said a little bit of you was all i needed,
but they didn’t tell me that one step closer to you is a step closer to my grave—
now I find myself trying to save myself by nearly killing myself every time I get closer to you, babe—
is that lipstick or blood on those lips?

the berry is sweeter on your darker side…
and each time we do it you’re closer to mine…
you’re broken in places that don’t see the light,
but that doesn’t stop me from spending the night

you got the sharpest edges I’ve ever seen—
and every time my hands get careless, you make me bleed
I’m cut up, down and in between
cuz you got the sharpest edges I’ve ever seen

don’t hurt me


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