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    Father – Husband EP (Album Stream)

    In August and September, Father dropped “A Lot On Ur Plate” and “Handful,” respectively. The two songs showcased his alternate drives. He’s either delivering obscene and absurd lyrics over a dreamy instrumental or a menacing one. Regardless of which tone he chooses, the Atlanta rapper’s music is always a good time.

    It’s an incredibly impressive feat to remain dedicated to goofiness without rendering yourself a caricature. Father can sing, “Play with the pussy like an arcade,” (“Iceman”) over whimsical flutes and chirping birds and you won’t even bat an eye. For those acquainted with his music, they know they’re entering a realm where no lyric could possibly compromise a song’s integrity. Anything goes.

    Four of the EP’s six songs are produced by Father’s trusted sidekick, Meltycanon. His signature of scintillating keys and booming bass have come to define Father’s sound and it can be seen on paradigmatic display on “Hexes.” On this standout, Father sputters around the beat and captures his music’s balance between vulnerability and aggression with the line: “She keep asking me what I’m getting to / Bitch, in my feelings.” Meltycanon rounds out the song with an outro of wispy singing.

    Stream Album: Father – Husband EP Tracklist:

    1. Joestar || DOWNLOAD
    2. Hexes || DOWNLOAD
    3. Handful || DOWNLOAD
    4. Iceman || DOWNLOAD
    5. A Lot On Ur Plate || DOWNLOAD
    6. Family Function || DOWNLOAD

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