Does a Time Change Affect your Bird?

Does a Time Change Affect your Bird?
Does a Time Change Affect your Bird?

Daylight Savings Time, how does it affect your parrot?

You are either on it or off of it, unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere that does not change the hours of the day depending on the time of year.
I freely admit I am not a fan of time change.
Not only does it make me grumpy for the first week of change, it often makes a few of the flock rather grumpy too. Just because the clock says they have an hour left of playtime, does not mean they want an extra hour of play time. Most of mine will start letting me know in louder and louder voices that it's past their bedtime when the clock falls back. Especially the cockatoos.
Don't even mention the fact that breakfast and dinner may fall an hour later. According to my birds, meal time is non-negotiable.

It usually takes at least a week if not two, for most of my birds to settle into the new timetable. However, I do have a few (cockatoos in particular again) who refuse to change their time no matter what the humans do. They are on nature's time all the time. I have learned to live with it.

Instead of changing their timetable for a whole hour, sometimes making 10 minute daily changes over a course of a week or two, can make it a little easier for your bird to adjust.
Of course, you may be lucky and your bird goes with the flow and isn't bothered at all.


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