Being Ready for any Emergency

Being Ready for any Emergency
Being Ready for any Emergency

I wasn't going to do another post right now about weather preparedness, but as hurricane season bears down on so many people, can we really be reminded too often?
Several times a year it is good to do a quick checkup of your emergency carriers or travel cages to be sure they are clean and ready to go. Don't forget to rotate emergency supplies you have stored in your evacuation carriers/cages as needed so no expiration dates get too close. Keeping a list of emergency supplies inside your carrier makes it easy to make sure everything is ready.
Setting calendar reminders to include checkups throughout the year works great for many of us. A minimum of twice a year probably works for some. If you don't have a way to remind yourself conveniently, then make it a habit when the time changes and you reset your clocks and change those smoke detector batteries, check and evaluate your emergency bird supplies at the same time.
For more information on what to include in your emergency kit, please check out our web site at the link below.
Emergency Preparedness


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