7 Causes Of Heartbreak In Relationships For Ladies.

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It’s obvious and alarming as the bad and ugly relationships, are overthrowing the disciplined and well built relationships of our time. Why the rapid disengagement and heart break in relationship that seems well flourishing from it’s start. Why lovers turn haters all of a sudden, this is surprising but there are facts, truth and solutions behind all these. Here are 7 genue reasons why ladies start up relationships wrongly.

1. Appearance

It’s amazing how we tend to love a man from appearance, it’s okay to like a man outfits, outlooks, and even he’s facial statues, but it’s never right to venture into relationships with him because he’s cute, tall, charming, handsome and otherwise.

By the time u are deep into this engagement, all the features that once made you to love him so dearly will start fading away by the time you realize he’s inner man, he’s inner weakness, he’s inner quilt are not worth of a person you will cherish to love forever.

Finally, here you are wondering what kind of future await you both, despite he’s tall and charming stature, you are now in a bridge either to move forward or backward, you are now confused and questioning how you got into it at first.

In other for you to excape from this heart break and frustration you have to be mindful of it’s danger and sweetness from the start.

And most importantly fall in love with he’s intentions and not appearance. It can be deceiving and dengerous at the end and therefore, leading to frustration and depression.

2. Status

In as much we all desire to date prosperous, well-known and established men. It’s also quite unfortunate that the men who truly cares about us are not always in that class, the few who even care are scared and cunning.

The feeling of “she’s after me because of my position or popularity is what kills his affection day by day. Falling in love because he’s well-known, position or class is the worst mistake ever.

Humiliation, insults, outsult and depression is what you achieve at the end of such date. This is often mistaken for love, which actually never existed.

Instead of pursuing a man because of he’s status and class, fight to be a lady of class and honor. After all it’s commonly said “a woman can do more than what a man can do”

Don’t mistake lost after status, class and popularity for Love of a man.

3. Secret

This is another essential issue in a relationship. The idea of keeping things away from your partner is very wrong, when especially it concerns your relationship and your partner.

Keeping of excessive secret in a relationship it’s very, very unhealthy for it’s grow. Nuturing a relationship to a good standard and well valid flourishing, enhances free and frequent communication, understanding and studying of each other. Keeping things away from each other is a sign of lack of commitment and seriousness.

Having a good communication standards is a nourishment of a lasting relationship. But having an excessive secret is a bridge disengagement.

4. Wealth

Dating a guy out of his wealth and money is the hight of isolation and foolishness.

Rejetting an ambitious, hustling guy to a well made billionaire, is the most stupid person one can be. He’s wealth shouldn’t just be the reason why you love him now. Love him for the nature of man he is not the nature of his money.

Disappointment will certainly set in at the disappearance of this wealth. Accompanied with slavery  when realized you love him for his money, which leads to heartbreak. Wealth shouldn’t be the only key to your heart from your partner.

There is something always stronger than wealth “character” if you can’t bear he’s ugly moments then you are not worth of his good time. Learn to love a soul not the material.

5. Mistook of Respect to love.

Ladies are mostly known for respect and submission. You can only demonstrate your love by respecting the soul you call your man. Men tend to value respect than any other thing.

You can’t be submissive when you have no respect for your partner. This two often walk together in a successful engagement. Love can only set in when respect is been practiced.

Respect doesn’t mean fear and submission doesn’t mean foolishness. Neither can love be shown in rudeness and arrogant. Respect is one of the parament features in enhancing a successful and strong relationship.

6. Cuteness

It’s unimaginable, as well mature ladies and teanage girls tend to love guys because of cuteness.

You like his pink lips, his broad shoulders, his dimple, his smile and even his gaps teeth, perfect.

You are in a relationship with him because he’s cute? Have u thought of how well you will love him when nature twerst it fate against him? Have you thought of how cute is his soul towards you?

Your man might be cute, but don’t attach this with the reasons why you are dating him. It’s very childish for any reasonable lady to conceive such.

Don’t love his facial appeal  but his soul and personality.

7. Intentions 

Why are you in that relationship, why do you think you love him, why do you think he loves you more, why do you want to spend your life with him, what do you actually love about him, what are your expectations, what is your purpose, what are u holding on to,why do you accept him to be your partner?

These are questions you should severely ask  before engaging yourself with him. It’s shameful to know that most the ladies don’t even have a tangeable reason they are in love with a man.

Loving a man is not all about sex. It’s beyond cuteness, wealth, status, appearance, etc. They is more behind all these features that you are yet to find out. The shameful thing is that, we are always kicked out, pursed away, and insulted when we entangled ourselves In a relationship with the wrong reasons, which are been stated above.

Be in a relationship for the good reasons. Companionship, advice, encouragement, etc. Be with him because you love his soul, because you love who he is and not what he is.






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